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Kenechi Omeke

Volunteer and Tutor

I have an MSc in Communication Engineering from the University of Manchester. After a few years working in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria and in science communication elsewhere, I came to the University of Glasgow early in 2019 to do a PhD in Wireless Communication. My research is in the area of wireless underwater communication. As resources from the oceans continue to support life on earth, there is need to explore and exploit these resources without causing too much harm to the environment. I am studying how to sustainably retrieve data from the billions of devices that will be connected underwater in the internet of underwater things.

I believe firmly that education is the most assured route out of poverty and I am passionate about teaching life skills to young Africans. I have been volunteering with the African Challenge Scotland from the moment I arrived in Glasgow but the passion of the PWSA team soon won me over after I attended their workshop here at the University of Glasgow. I joined the team in 2020 to plan the now-disrupted PWSA 2020 Workshop. As a beginner Python user myself, I am always trying to see what problems it can help us solve and I am looking forward to sharing my experience with other learners.

Kenechi Omeke
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