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Maha Said Khalfan Al-anqoudi

Volunteer and Tutor

I am working as an IT lecturer at the University of Technology and Applied Science(UTAS) in Oman ( I have done my bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Oman, 2013. I followed that by the master of science in Big Data from Stirling University in the UK, 2017. In 2019, I started my PhD journey at the University of Glasgow in computing science. My research area focuses on applying machine learning techniques to improve the individual learning experience in online education. Specifically, I research the ability to use interactive learning in online environments such as MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) to predict the students learning status (successful/ not-successful).

I believe learning is the basic tool that every individual in this universe should have. Supporting whoever needs knowledge I have is a must and not an option to me. PWSAfrica consists of excellent members that work so professional to achieve the goal of teaching more people that are based in Africa. I guess I was lucky enough to stand beside them and support them with such a wonderful aim.

Maha Said Khalfan Al-anqoudi
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