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Paul John

I recently completed my undergraduate studies at the Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan. I love technology as it gives me the opportunity to create. I find it quite interesting to think up something and bring it to life with code.

I currently work as a software engineer at an agric-tech startup in Nigeria. On the side, I'm trying to explore the intersection of Machine Learning and Medicine with the hope of creating a breast cancer detection model that runs in the browser. If I am not working, I am probably watching my favourite TV show (Suits 😉) or scrolling endlessly on Twitter.

My favourite programming language is Java, because it is the first language I learned. Also, I'm at that point where I don't need to "Google" so much Java syntax. I also love the simplicity and brevity of Python (I am still a fan of Java though).

I was a participant at PWSA 2018 and tutor at PWSA 2019. I enjoy working with PWSA because the initiative provides a way to bridge the knowledge gap created by the lack of programming skills in my continent. A popular sentence comes to mind which is "talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not". PWSA is bringing the opportunity to scientist in Africa hence making it possible for scientists in Africa to become better. This creates a chain reaction that can drive innovation in the continent. Also, I'm an ardent believer in democratising knowledge, PWSA does this seamlessly and I think it's a privilege to be a part of the team.

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Paul John
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