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CSA Africa was born out of a strong desire to give back, to inspire and to empower.

We run annual free python programming workshops for STEM undergraduates and postgraduates in Africa. Our tutors are computer scientists, many of whom are postgraduate researchers at the University of Glasgow.

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CSA Africa is an educational initiative empowering young Africans in STEM, whose talents and prospects are constrained by their backgrounds, to be the next generation of computer programming leaders. Founded in 2018 by Dr. Sofiat Olaosebikan, and formerly Programming Workshop for Scientists in Africa (PWSAfrica), CSA Africa has delivered computer programming workshops in Nigeria, Rwanda, and online. This initiative provides young Africans in STEM with access to quality computer science education, as well as a role-model in our founder who inspires and motivates them.


Our first workshop was inspired by the fascinating journey of our founder into computer science after scaling through the obstacles occasioned by her limited exposure to opportunities. CSA Africa was born out of a strong desire to give back to the community by supporting other young Africans in STEM and showing them what is possible.

Our Vision

A world where young Africans in STEM have access to quality computer science education.

Our Objectives

Introduce our beneficiaries to programming as a way of solving problems, facilitating their work and study, and inspiring them to pursue a career in computing.

Bridge the gap between theory and practice for our beneficiaries, by exposing them to real-world problems whose solutions will require them to harness their programming skills. 

Train, and mentor a group of volunteers who will be able to deliver similar programming training to people beyond our reach. 

Our Story

Our founder, Dr. Sofiat obtained a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. During her studies, she had no one to direct or mentor her about her potential and career prospects in computing. By sheer determination, she enrolled in a three-week Python programming course during her MSc at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ghana. This steered her career and led to her receiving a University of Glasgow scholarship to study for a Ph.D. in Computing Science. Dr. Sofiat founded CSA Africa while undergoing her PhD, with the support of the University of Glasgow.

Now, CSA Africa is working towards closing the gap between opportunity and talent for young Africans in STEM by providing them with access to quality computer science education.


With the leadership of top-notch programmers, CSA Africa has empowered young Africans in STEM with Python programming skills and confidence. As a consequence, our beneficiaries have established themselves in rewarding careers including data science, software engineering, research and teaching. In recognition of the transformational change engineered by CSA Africa, Dr. Sofiat Olaosebikan has received several recognition including, the Future World Changer Award at the University of Glasgow. Her vision for CSA Africa is inspiring.

At present, we are rebranding from PSWAfrica to CSA Africa to reflect our impact and vision for this initiative. We plan to broaden our impact and the reach of our beneficiaries and partners by running our initiative as a non-profit, making strides toward a better world for young Africans in STEM.

Our Impact

Since CSA Africa was founded in 2018, over 500 Africans from Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Swaziland, South Africa, and Uganda have benefited from our training.  

Our past beneficiaries have developed greater programming skills and increased self-confidence.

Many have gone on to broaden their Python skills via online learning platforms, learn other programming languages, apply for internships, and use programming in their research.

Some of our beneficiaries are now working in leading companies in Africa and abroad, including as a data scientist in Lithuania, software developer in Nigeria, full stack developer in California and software engineer in the UK.


“Before the workshop, I had zero knowledge of programming. The workshop opened my eyes to the world of programming... Recently I decided to pursue a career in data science and realised python is an essential tool in the field. I have been able to build on the knowledge I gained from this workshop. I am delighted that I had the opportunity to attend PWSAfrica 2018!”

Chidubem Maryjane Ezeokoli, from Nigeria, participated in the CSA Africa 2018 workshop.

“Specifically, participating in a Python programming workshop prepared by PWSAfrica helped me to start my journey of becoming a developer by broadening my programming skills... After the workshop, I continued the progress by taking other online courses to support what I have acquired so far in the workshop and later I started freelancing which eventually helped me to land a job at XRFoundation, but the whole journey started at the PWSAfrica workshop...”

Irankunda Fabrice, from Rwanda, participated in the CSA Africa 2019 workshop.

“I acquired programming in python skills and I am now using it to teach my students on how to code using python”

Maniru Malami Umar, from Nigeria, participated in the CSA Africa 2021 workshop.

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