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Laptop Donation Scheme
Laptop Donation Scheme

We have received over 1,000 applications from potential participants across 17 Africa countries who wish to learn Python programming during our workshop at the University of Lagos in July-August 2022. Around 30% of them do not have a laptop. Each participant having a laptop to work with is highly essential for our training to be effective, and we do not wish to filter out highly motivated applicants because of this constraint. We need you to help us help them. 

Do you have a spare functioning laptop that you won’t miss? Then consider donating this to one of our participants. Ideally, we want laptops that meets the following requirements: 

  • 2GHz dual-core processor or better 

  • 4GB system memory or better 

  • 25GB of free hard drive space or more 

Please note we will not be able to accept laptops that belongs to an institution (e.g., if the laptop is University of Glasgow's property).

How can I donate?

If you wish to donate a laptop, you can send it to the following address:

Student Support and Enquiries Office 
School of Computing Science, 
17, Lilybank Gardens, 
University of Glasgow, 
Glasgow, G12 8RZ, 
Scotland, UK.

Please email to let us know, so we can watch out for it. 

How will my donation help?


30% of our potential workshop attendees do not have access to a laptop. By donating your laptop, you will be facilitating their skills development during our 2022 Python programming workshop at the NitHub, University of Lagos, Nigeria, and their future learning after the workshop has ended. We aim to provide participants with the tools to continue their programming journey and learn other languages - something which is only possible with access to their own personal laptop.


Here's what some of our applicants had to say:

"I'm a technology lover; I came across Python two years ago and ever since then I have developed great enjoyment from it. I tried learning it but was difficult for me due to my inability to purchase a laptop (which I still haven't managed). The Python basics I learned was with my phone."

"I would be grateful if it would be possible to assist those without a laptop, so we can have something to practice on."

"I just secured an admission into the University to study Computer Engineering... I’ve always thought of learning programming. I don’t have a laptop or computer, so this has been challenging for me, but it didn’t deter me because I’ve been using my phone to learn the basics of some programming languages and downloaded applications that could help also. But in the end, I figured I really needed a laptop. I don’t have the money to get one now, neither do I want to ask my parents for funds, seeing they have my four younger siblings to take care of."

If you have any further questions about our Laptop Donation Scheme, please contact us via email at

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