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Women in Tech Conference

Theme: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

NitHub, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Saturday 30th July 2022, 10AM - 4PM
The CSA Africa Women's Network held its first conference for women in tech on 30 July 2022. Our theme was Breaking the Glass Ceiling. This event was a Celebration of Women in Computing, sponsored by ACM-Women.
Invited Speakers

Oluwatobi Otokiti

Senior Growth Product Manager, FlutterWave

Emerald NEW.jpg



Data Scientist, Sterling Bank


Confidence Stavely

Founder and Executive Director, CyberSafe Foundation




Software Engineer, Microsoft

Event Details

This even ran via an hybrid format in Lagos, co-located with the CSA Africa 2022 Python programming workshop


Date: Saturday, 30 July 2022 

Time: 10AM - 4PM 

Venue: NitHub, 6 Commercial Avenue, University of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Since 2018, CSA Africa have trained over 350 participants from different African countries, but only about 17% are women. This is due to the small number of applications we receive from potential applicants of this identity. Moreover, throughout our workshops we have also observed that women are more likely to be intimidated by programming and less likely to engage during lectures. 
For 2022, we were very intentional about increasing the number of women participants in our programming workshop. We highlighted everywhere on our platforms that “women are strongly encouraged to apply” and we also offered the possibility of childcare support. As a result, CSA Africa 2022 has 45% women participants. We have a fervent desire to continue to address this problem and to help more women feel confident to pursue careers in tech. 
This conference aimed to bring together women who are at different points in their tech journey; from those who are aspiring to those who have smashed several glass ceilings. The event included a panel discussion which explored the stories of trailblazing women as they shared their journey, strengths, challenges, and growth strategy. In addition, we ran an engaging session to identify the barriers that are preventing women from reaching their career goals. 
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