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Ify's experience at PWSAfrica 2018

Author : Ifeoma Okoh

The Programming Workshop for African Scientists took place from 30th July to 10th August 2018. It is an initiative aimed at empowering students with programming skills needed to help them in research.

The workshop lasted for two weeks with hands-on problems on everything that was taught ranging from the introduction to python to using some python packages like numpy, matplotlib and pandas. At the end of the training we got to implement all that we have learnt in projects where we were placed in groups. The projects include: Language Interpreter, Mathematical Modelling, Matching problem and fireworks project. An intense two days of solving real life problems and students jumping up and down with excitement of what they were able to achieve.

This was a fantastic training! I appreciate all of the useful and enlightening information that I received at the workshop. I looked forward to attending it every day for the whole two weeks. Seeing people eager to teach you inspires you. One of my friends commented, “these people are trying o!, they don’t even get tired no matter the number of times you call to ask them questions”. It showed the passion you have for this and it inspired us greatly to do more. I cannot say enough good things about the workshop.

Things I benefited from in this program:

I learn’t a lot of new things, talk about the Aha! moment.I made new amazing friends some whom I pass in the hall everyday.I learned new ways to tackle and solve problems and it has greatly improved my skillsMost importantly, I wrote a new language!

Thank You Sofiat Thank You Tom Thank You Fatma Thank You Ben Thank You Fionnuala

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