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Sofiat Olaosebikan

Founder and Workshop Lead

I am a Computing Science PhD student at the University of Glasgow, with a passion for problem solving and programming. In a nutshell, my research involves employing tools from algorithmic graph theory to design efficient algorithms for matching problems. Examples of which include allocating kidneys to transplant patients, or assigning junior doctors to hospitals.

As much as I enjoy using my computing and mathematics skills to solve real-world problems, I am even more passionate about passing on my skills to those that do not have the same opportunity I had. In 2018, I started PWSAfrica to tackle the skills gap affecting many students in Africa from the computing perspective. With the support of my amazing team and the generous funding from our sponsors, we have successfully ran two programming workshops in Nigeria and Rwanda, training over 200 participants.

I am very enthusiastic about PWSAfrica and I have had a very rewarding experience leading the past workshops. As I look forward to future workshops, I am excited about the opportunity it presents: to make a significant impact in the lives of others.

Sofiat Olaosebikan
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