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Day 0 - Installation Party

Author : John Paul

I chose zero because I like natural numbers.

Day zero installation party…. Uhmmm… Someone like me would have been surprised to see ballons hanging around, lights throwing out their rays “markovly” but I wasn’t surprised as everything was perfectly normal.

My experience on day zero was quite exciting. I had to run in the rain, damning all consequences of how Marvey would have been affected because of the rain (Yass!! Nothing happened). I wasn’t able to get to the exact venue at at first but thanks to a good samaritan who came to pick me from the place of ‘no-life’ to the Mathematics Laboratory where the pary was holding.

Boom! Music was playing, people dancing, arms being flung in the air, energing bubbling at the party… (All these happened in my head). Back to reality, I saw the guys fully prepared for us namely:Sofiat, Tom, Ben, Fatma, Fionnuala (I still have trouble pronouncing this).

On the white board was the description of how to go about the installation and the dexterity at which each of the facilitators went about doing their jobs was amazing! They blended with us seamlessly like a distant cousin… I’m still inclined to think we are if we decide to trace it from Adam. Installation party was pretty smooth for us and more importantly we talked, discussed and exchanged ideas. At some point I was surprised at how the facilitators got to know my name (“O ya mi lenu gan”, Ben should probably add this to the list of Yoruba sentences he’s learning).

Overall, it was a vey nice experience. PWSAfrica is doing something amazing, empowering us with programming skills for free. It is awesome and I look forward to PWSAfrica spreading to other countries in the continent. Great job guys, well done.

Note: Marvey is what I call my laptop → A big fan of suits

Note: “O ya mi lenu gan” loosely translates to “I was very surprised”

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