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From zero to hero

Author : Bature Jonathan, University of Ibadan Nigeria

As a Python beginner with little to no computer programming background, I found that after the PWSAfrica workshop I was able to work effectively in python. The course material was incredibly helpful in providing a foundation in a variety of areas for data science. The courses for the workshop were great; right pace, right breadth of material to cover. It has provided me an excellent introduction to the tools and concepts available through python for performing both rudiment and complex analysis.

My desire and passion for Python programming no longer knows bound. I don’t remember ever going on a course or workshop where I stayed awake, alert and interested all day. I have attended several similar sessions in recent years, but PWSAfrica is by far the best. Your approach has prompted me to derive personal lessons from the materials and that has not happened very often before. The workshop was directed with real efficiency, yet in the space of that relatively short time you managed to achieve a warm and genuine relationship with each student, making us feel relaxed about airing problems and helping us arrive at possible solutions (especially bearing with my numerous trivial questions but I can assure you that your responses made me better).

Your amazing hands on approach, a smiling, friendly and patient method of teaching that you practice shows you to be a very warm, concerned individuals who has deep reserves of knowledge and the desire and willingness to share.

To Fionnuala, I will tell you with no exaggeration: you were the first REAL teacher I have met, and the respect you gained in my eyes are enormous. To all the tutors, you have not only educated individuals but the nation (Nigeria) at large. We are grateful to the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, and the nation of Scotland. We hope we can replicate this act of kindness!

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